Reflection 313: Sleepless Nights


There are some who easily fall asleep each night and remain asleep until morning.  There are others who struggle greatly with sleep and this becomes a great burden and a source of discouragement.  If you are one who struggles with sleep on a regular basis, or even on rare occasions, see this cross as an opportunity rather than as a burden.  A sleepless night offers one particular opportunity to you.  It can be seen as an invitation to spend the night with our Lord.  Though it is healthy to work to deal with the cause of sleeplessness so as to remedy it, it is also good to embrace it in the moment if it happens.  Even something as seemingly insignificant as this can become a source of holiness.  Seek to use a sleepless night as an opportunity to pray and meditate upon the life of our Lord.  One good reflection on such an occasion is to prayerfully meditate upon the night of Jesus’ arrest and imprisonment.  His night that night in prison would have most certainly been one of constant prayer to His Father.  Recall also that there were many nights when our Lord chose not to sleep.  Scripture reveals that Jesus regularly “spent the night in prayer” (e.g., Luke 6:12).  Thus, in this act, Jesus gives great power to pulling an “all-nighter” with Him in meditation and prayer.  By embracing this Cross with our Lord you will see an abundance of Mercy pour forth on your life (See Diary #1515).

If this is a struggle that you face, try to look at it from a new perspective.  Seek the Lord in your sleepless night and enter into communion with Him in His.  Much Mercy awaits you as you seek to transform this cross into grace.

Lord, I pray that every cross I carry will be transformed by Your Mercy into an opportunity for holiness.  I especially offer my nights to You, dear Lord.  Whether I sleep in Your arms or remain awake in Your presence I give each and every night to You.  Jesus, I trust in You.

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Featured image above: Good Friday Morning: Jesus in Prison by  James Tissot, via Brooklyn Museum

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