Reflection 314: Mercy as a Strong Defense


When an army is under siege, it seeks a place in which it can defend itself.  Seeking higher ground or a place that gives it shelter and protection is immediately sought out.  So it must be in your spiritual life.  When you experience the darts of the evil one, or when life becomes burdensome to you, especially on account of your sin, seek the higher ground and the greatest place of refuge.  This place is the merciful Heart of our Lord.  Do not doubt that His Heart is a place of refuge for you.  Within His Heart you will find safety from the weary battle and you will discover that you are in a fortified fortress of Mercy.  This specific aspect of Mercy, that of being a place of protection, must be understood and welcomed.  We cannot endure the hardships of life on our own.  We cannot fight the battles of life if we rely upon our own strength and skills.  No one is talented enough to fight off the raging enemy.  Seek refuge in the Mercy of God and He will protect you from all harm (See Diary #1516).

Reflect upon your need for protection.  By yourself, alone in this world, you will never survive.  The temptations, attacks and evil that pervade this world will ruin you.  But if you have a fortress of protection, nothing will do you harm.  That protection is the Mercy of God.  Spend time today thinking about God and His Mercy as such a fortress.  See Him as your defender in all things and run to this place of safety.  The Lord will surround you with His grace and will keep you at peace within the dwelling of His Heart.

Lord, when I feel the weight, attacks and temptations of the world come upon me, give me the wisdom to seek refuge.  May I run to You and hide in Your merciful Heart.  May I never doubt Your perfect protection and always find shelter in You.  Jesus, I trust in You.

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