Reflection 316: The Burning Flame of Love


There are many images we use to describe the Love of God.  One such image is a “Burning Flame of Love.”  This is seen in the spiritual classic, “Living Flame of Love,” written by St. John of the Cross:

O living flame of love
That tenderly wounds my soul
In its deepest center! Since 
Now you are not oppressive,
Now consummate! if it be your will:
Tear through the veil of this sweet encounter!

Why do we speak of God and His love as a fire burning within us?  This is a powerful image worth spending much time meditating on.  A flame does many things.  It brings light, it purifies, it consumes, it emits heat and energy, it draws us close, it is ever changing and ever new, and so much more.  God’s love must become not only a spark or a flame within you, it must become a raging fire of love, consuming your soul and producing, in its place, the radiance and divine presence of God (See Diary #1523).

Reflect, today, upon this image of the Love of God.  Meditate upon this all-consuming fire raging within you.  What are the effects of such a living flame?  What does it do to your life?  What will others notice when this flame is blazing?  Ponder this holy image and invite the Living Flame of Love to consume you from within.

Lord, come to me and consume me with the burning fire of Your Love.  Purify every sin and transform me into the light of Your grace and Mercy for all to see.  You are a powerful Flame ever burning yet never harming.  You renew me and radiate Your presence from within.  I love You, dear Lord.  Set me on fire with Your sweet Love.  Jesus, I trust in You.

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