Reflection 318: Indifference and Forgetfulness


If you were married and you were regularly indifferent to your spouse, this would be a problem.  Indifference means there is a lack of sincere care for the good of the other.  Forgetfulness is a symptom of indifference in that when one cares little, it’s easy to forget.  For example, if you forgot an important anniversary in your marriage this could be a sign of either a very poor memory or an uncaring and indifferent heart.  If it is the latter, this brings much hurt to that relationship.  One reason this brings much hurt is that the cause of the hurt is subtle.  If one were to actively do something hurtful, it’s easier to point it out.  Indifference is a passive action in that something is missing.  But this passive action can be just as hurtful, if not more hurtful, than a more obvious action.  So it is with God.  When we are passively indifferent to Him and His Mercy, and when we “forget” to turn to Him day and night, we are bringing much pain to His Sacred Heart (See Diary #1537).

Examine your conscience today and try to honestly identify any struggle you have with indifference.  It may not be manifestly clear to you.  You may not even realize this is a sin and the cause of much hurt to others.  But this form of neglect causes deep wounds over time.  Try to make an honest examen and if you realize that this is your sin, do not hesitate to do something about it.  Renew your care for those whom God has put in your life, and especially renew your caring heart toward God and the Mercy He wishes to bestow.  If you are indifferent to the Mercy of God, this wounds His Heart and does even more damage to you over time.

Lord, I desire to care to the greatest degree.  Help me to be continually aware of others in my life and to anticipate their needs, lavishing love upon them.  Help me to also be continually aware of Your Mercy and to never be indifferent to this most sacred gift.  Jesus, I trust in You.

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