Reflection 319: Dealing with Loneliness


Loneliness is a deep suffering that many endure.  One reason it is so painful is that the lonely person obviously suffers alone with few people, if any, to help ease their hurt.  If this were not the case, they would not be lonely.  Interestingly, even those who are surrounded by others all day every day can be lonely.  Even the most popular and outgoing person in the community can sometimes struggle with great loneliness.  This may not be easily noticed because they often “wear a mask” covering the loneliness they experience.  Loneliness is real and comes as a result of one particularly deep need we all have.  And this is the need to be known by another.  We want to be known and understood.  We need people who will listen to us, care, understand and love us at our deepest core.  Simply being popular or being surrounded by many people does not meet this need since the “popular” person may not truly have revealed what is inside to anyone.  The best answer to loneliness is the intimate presence of God in your life.  An authentic and deeply personal relationship with your Lord enables you to be at peace, knowing that God knows you, understands you and loves you.  This gift also opens the door for you to find people to whom you can share your joys and struggles.  Seek intimacy with the Lord.  This is the greatest help to a lonely heart (See Diary #1542).

Be honest today and ponder the question of loneliness in your own life.  No matter if you are the life of the party or a quiet bystander, loneliness can affect everyone.  Reflect, also, upon the fact that intimacy with our Lord is the primary cure.  Look at your relationship with Him and open your heart to His love.

Lord, I invite You into my heart.  Come dwell there and reveal Your tender love.  Help me to understand that You know and love me through and through.  I give my heart to You, dear Lord.  Jesus, I trust in You.

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