Reflection 323: Your Unique Mission


God gives to each person a unique mission.  Some are called to very public lives; others are called to quiet and simple lives.  Some are called to use their minds in powerful ways; others are called to use their hearts in special ways, but each person has a unique mission from God.  What is your mission?  Seeking to know what the Lord asks of you is essential to your journey of holiness and, therefore, happiness.  When fully embraced, this mission will bring abundant fulfillment to your life because of one simple fact: every mission is a mission of Mercy.  The struggle many people have is that they embark on selfish endeavors in life, failing to commit all their energies to the work of the Lord.  The Lord wants you to work day and night on His mission.  This is not too much to ask.  In fact, it’s what you were made for and the only way to obtain what you truly desire.  His mission will certainly include moments of fun and rest, work and struggle, laughter and tears.  It will also require a complete death to yourself.  But it’s worth it!  Seek the mission God has given you and embrace it with all your heart.  If you do, the Mercy of God will pour forth through your life (See Diary #1567).

Reflect, today, upon this simple question: What is my mission in life?  It may come to you slowly, over time, taking twists and turns as you go.  But never stop seeking to serve our Lord and His perfect plan.  This plan will become the delight of your soul.  Ponder it and if you are on the wrong path, correct your direction in life.

Lord, I thank You for calling me to a blessed and unique mission in life.  I choose, this day, that which You have given to me.  I promise to say “Yes” to You throughout my life and to never tire of fulfilling Your Will.  I love You, Lord.  Help me to love You with my life.  Jesus, I trust in You.

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Featured image above: Mosaic Saint Francis of Assis and the Leper by Jim McIntosh, via Wikimedia Commons