Reflection 325: Relying on the Saints


Imagine the soul who has lived a life filled with complete abandonment to God.  They achieved the heights of holiness and were not deterred by earthly distractions.  Throughout their life they sought to serve our Lord and to be a continual instrument of Mercy for others.  Many people were saved on account of their sanctity and their total devotion to the Will of God.  Now imagine that holy soul entering into the glories of Heaven.  What a profound experience of absolute joy!  Nothing could be more glorious than that moment.  But once in Heaven, is it conceivable that this holy soul will forget about those on Earth?  Is it possible that the people who were loved and served so deeply would disappear from their minds as a result of being in Heaven?  Most certainly not.  In fact, once in Heaven, the holy souls who lived on Earth are even more consumed with a desire to spread the Mercy of God.  Seek out these saints.  Seek their intercession, ask for their inspiration, follow their example and know that you have a myriad of holy men and women seeking to serve you from the glories of Heaven (See Diary #1582).

Ponder the saints this day.  Especially ponder their burning love for you and their desire that all people receive the Mercy of God.  God uses them from Heaven and continually sends them to distribute His grace.  Open your heart to these holy men and women and they will pour forth the Mercy of God into your life.

Oh, holy saints of God!  How glorious you are in your Heavenly splendor!  I thank you for your love and service on Earth and now I call upon your intercession from Heaven.  Please pray for me and for all people that we may imitate your holiness while on Earth and obtain the glory in which you now share.  Saints of God, pray for us.  Jesus, I trust in You.

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Featured image above: Saint Benedict in Glory by Johann Jacob Zeiler, via Wikimedia Commons