Reflection 338: Keeping a Secret


One act of love we can offer another is our confidentiality.  We have all had experiences of people coming to us with a problem or confusion and they ask us to keep it to ourselves.  Can you keep this form of a sacred secret?  Confidentiality is a wonderful act of mercy to others.  If you can be truly confidential, others will come to realize this quality in you and they will more readily come to you with their concerns.  This act of friendship, given out of love, opens the door to others to open their hearts and let you in.  As you enter in, do so with much understanding and care and the Lord will bless them through you (See Diary #1638).

Reflect upon the question of confidentiality.  When someone shares something in confidence with you, do you immediately think about who else you can tell?  Are you tempted to reveal these secrets or, even worse, to spread gossip?  The Lord wants many souls who are there for others, to listen to them, to understand them and to love them no matter what they need to share.  Be a holy listener and confidant and you will be an instrument of much Mercy.

Lord, I pray that I may become a person of great integrity, offering a compassionate and confidential ear to those who need it.  Give me grace to be freed of useless chatter and gossip and to revere every person, respecting their dignity through privacy.  May I never push or probe for more but only be a compassionate friend who is always there to show love.  Jesus, I trust in You.

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