Reflection 343: Glorifying the Lord in All Things


It’s easy to be grateful only when things go well.  But when times are tough we tend to turn in on ourselves in self-pity.  But you must learn to glorify the Lord in all things.  There are countless blessings and graces that God gives you for which you must experience immense gratitude.  Family blessings, spiritual consolations, fulfillment of duties, etc., must all be occasions of gratitude.  But gratitude must permeate everything in life, even hardships.  Seek to glorify the Lord not only because of the “good things of life,” but also throughout the difficult things.  Everything can be used by God for His glory and we must rejoice in that fact day and night (See Diary #1661-1662).

Reflect upon this “challenge.”  Can you find joy in all things and offer praise and gratitude to God no matter what?  God is worth it and He deserves your continual praise.  He never leaves you and when you realize this it will be the source of unending praise and thanksgiving.

Lord, I adore You, worship You, praise You and thank You for all things in my life.  Thank You for the blessings and for always being there when life is hard.  Help me to grow in my gratitude for You and to rejoice always for Your Mercy.  Jesus, I trust in You.

Saint Andrew Christmas Novena
Traditionally prayed 15 times a day from November 30 through Christmas Eve.

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