Reflection 352: Chastisement and Guilt


It may not be pleasant to consider the chastisement of God.  But it must be understood that His chastisements are real and are an act of His abundant Mercy.  When souls turn from God and refuse His Mercy, this deeply wounds His Heart.  As a result, God becomes more “passionate” so to speak in His tireless pursuit.  One way He seeks to open their hearts is through chastisements.  Think of the Pharisees, for example.  They were filled with pride and egotism and the Lord rebuked them harshly.  But He did so to win them back as an act of great Mercy.  It worked for some, for others it did not (See Diary #1703).

Are you aware of the chastisements of God?  For example, have you felt the pain of extreme guilt for your sins?  If so, pay attention to this.  Know that if you have gone astray, especially through pride, the Lord will pour down judgment upon you.  If you persist, He will pour it down with a vengeance.  And when a soul remains obstinate, God’s Mercy cannot enter.  But when these chastisements produce a sense of holy guilt, this means that the conscience is working and is in a position to change.  Do not hold onto guilt and do not ignore it.  Run to the Mercy of God so that He can free you from your sin and return His peace to your heart.

Lord, please give me the grace I need to turn to You in all things.  May I never be in need of the fierce chastisements of Your Mercy.  But if I am in need of this grace, please help me to respond with conversion from my sins.  Jesus, I trust in You.

O Antiphons of Advent
December 17–23

Saint Andrew Christmas Novena
Traditionally prayed 15 times a day from November 30 through Christmas Eve.

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