Reflection 353: A Hymn of Glory


Music is a discovery and expression of the natural laws of God’s creation, relying upon the order and rhythm found in its natural design.  Some music uses the natural order of things to glorify earthly realities.  Some forms of music even express sin and disorder.  But the greatest form of music is that which beautifully and clearly articulates the high order, harmony and symmetry of the life of God.  Our lives become like a hymn of glory, offered to God, when we act in perfect harmony with the Will of God.  The “music” of your soul must become a hymn of this glory (See Diary #1708).

Reflect upon the idea of your life being like a hymn.  What does the “hymn of your life” sound like?  Is it ordered, beautiful and reflective of the inner life of God?  Or does your life better express disorder and interior dysfunction?  Be honest and ponder the “music” that comes forth from your life.  Allow the Master Musician to take hold of you so as to bring forth a hymn worthy of His glory.

Lord, may my life become a hymn of worship, rising up to Your glorious throne of grace, echoing forth the lovely melody of Your inner life.  Take hold of me, dear Lord, and use me as Your instrument of Mercy and Grace in this world.  Jesus, I trust in You.

O Antiphons of Advent
December 17–23

Saint Andrew Christmas Novena
Traditionally prayed 15 times a day from November 30 through Christmas Eve.

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Featured image above:  Christ with Singing Angels by Hans Memling, via Wikimedia Commons