Reflection 362: Two Hearts of Mercy


Jesus’ Heart is pure Mercy.  It’s a fountain of grace pouring out upon the world.  This is consoling but there is another heart that must also become a fountain of Mercy, and that is yours.  You must become so immersed in the Mercy of the Lord that your heart bursts forth with rivers of grace for others.  This is especially how God touches those souls who are lost and do not pray.  By you going to them, loving them with great devotion and lavishing the Mercy of God upon them, their hearts meet the Lord’s (See Diary #1777).

Reflect upon your call to be the very Heart of Christ to others.  His Heart must beat in yours and His Mercy must become yours.  This takes total surrender and requires much personal sacrifice.  But if you can allow our Lord to flood your heart with His Mercy, the overflow from your heart will affect countless others.

Lord, please make my heart Your Heart.  I give it to You dear Lord to use in this world to touch many lives.  May I so humble myself before You that a flood of Mercy flows through me to touch the lives of many.  I love You dear Lord, help me to love all Your children with a burning love.  Jesus, I trust in You.

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