Reflection 10: Apostolic Movement of The Divine Mercy


Note: Reflections 1-10 provide a general introduction to the Diary of Saint Faustina and to The Divine Mercy. Starting with Reflection 11 we will begin to ponder its content with citations to the Diary. For now, during these first 10 days, use these short initial introductory reflections to help set the foundation for your understanding of this new devotion to The Divine Mercy to be pondered throughout the year.

The Diary of Saint Faustina calls us to a new form of devotion in various ways.  In addition to our personal devotion, we are called to be apostles of Mercy.  Are you an apostle of Mercy?  The Apostolic Movement of The Divine Mercy is a call from our Lord to actively engage in the work of spreading His Divine Mercy.  This is done by spreading the message and by living Mercy toward others.  This is no small task.  To live Mercy and to spread it requires a total union with the Heart of Christ.  It requires a deep purification of our souls from all that is contrary to the love and Mercy of Christ.

Ponder, today, how well you are as such an apostle of our Lord.  You will most certainly be made aware of areas where you need to grow in Mercy so that you can better bring that Mercy to those around you.  Stretch yourself and commit to being a better sign of the Heart of Christ in our world.

Lord, I know I am called to be an apostle of Your most holy Mercy.  I often fail in being a witness to this Mercy in both my words and deeds.  Renew within my soul a longing to spread this precious gift to all.  Jesus, I trust in You.

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