Reflection 13: An Invitation Within the Silence


Within our souls we must seek to hear God speak. He speaks in the silence and in the depths. He speaks, first, an invitation. He speaks an invitation to know Him and to encounter The Divine Mercy flowing from His Heart. The invitation is only that: an invitation. Jesus’ Mercy is not imposed or forced. For that reason, the invitation requires a response and our response will determine the depth of Mercy we open ourselves up to receive. The response must be that of loving and holy obedience to Him Whom we hear speaking (See Diary #7).

Ponder two things: 1) Do I hear the invitation from Jesus to receive His Mercy?  Hearing is the first step.  Without hearing we cannot respond.  2) How do I respond to that invitation when I hear it?  Am I willing to accept it on the deep and all-consuming level that it was offered?  If so, it will change your life.

Lord, I know You constantly speak to me in the silent depths of my soul.  Help me to be attentive to Your voice amidst the noise of this world.  And as I hear You speak, help me to be generous in my response accepting Your gift of unlimited Mercy and grace.  Jesus, I trust in You.

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Featured image above: Prayer in the Garden By Sebastiano Ricci, via Wikimedia Commons