Reflection 14: True Satisfaction Only Through Mercy


So often in life we seek satisfaction from the passing things of the world. Be it riches, fleshly pleasure, prestige, or anything else, we must come to discover that one thing and one thing alone satisfies. The Divine Mercy of God is what we seek. Everything else is an illusion of satisfaction.  If we try to satisfy our souls with other things, we will be left in interior sadness, anguish and disillusion. The Mercy of God keeps calling out and inflicts a sweet pain until we respond (See Diary #8).

Reflect upon the “sweet pain” inflicted upon your soul every time you try to find satisfaction in something other than God’s Mercy.  It’s “sweet” because it’s a rebuke of love from God calling us to trust only in His Mercy.  It’s “painful” in that we should allow ourselves to see clearly that attachment to anything not of God does not sit well in our soul.  Every attachment to things outside of God’s Mercy will ultimately be experienced as a burden.

Lord, may I allow myself to feel and experience Your Mercy calling me to turn from all that is not of You.  Help me to run to Your Mercy in all things and to turn from those things that ultimately weigh me down and are painful and burdensome.  Jesus, I trust in You.

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