Reflection 15: God is Relentless in His Love


Do you put God off? Do you ignore His constant calling? Do you drown out His voice with countless distractions? Know that God never ceases to call you. Listen to Him. Sometimes we put God off because we have judged, wrongly, that we will find satisfaction in life by some other means. It could be anything or everything that this passing world seems to offer us. There are so many enticements that bombard us every day that we can easily set God aside and fail to see that radically following Him is the key to happiness. When we radically follow Him in all things we open ourselves to His Divine Mercy and our life is changed. Don’t be deceived by the allurement of anything that is not part of the Mercy of God.  Do not put Him off (See Diary #9).

Today, honestly look at what draws you here or there. What is it that you daily seek or are seduced by. Recommit to radically seeking our Lord and let Him alone suffice in your life.

Lord, I am constantly drawn here and there and daily find myself seeking things that have nothing to do with You and Your Divine Mercy. Help me to see clearly and to have the wisdom and courage I need to turn only to You and to the abundance of Your unlimited Gift of Mercy. Jesus, I trust in You.

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Featured image above: Christ and the Rich Young Ruler By Heinrich Hofmann, via Wikimedia Commons