Reflection 16: Total Abandonment to God


Fall down before God. Prostrate yourself before Him. If you can, do it literally. If it would be a distraction to others then do it interiorly. Fall down prostrate before God and beg Him to show you His Divine Mercy and His most holy Will.  There are many times in life when a simple prayer or two are not enough.  What we need is to totally abandon ourselves before God.  Of course this is what we must do every day all day.  But in order to carry this interior disposition of total abandonment to God, we need concrete moments when we make this our absolute and complete act of surrender (See Diary #9).

Reflect, today, upon how deeply you pray.  Do you only offer a few prayers here or there?  Or do you take time each week to make an act of complete abandonment and surrender to God?  Do you intentionally lay your life before our Great God in total love and trust?  If you are not sure, then make sure you do so today.

Lord, I abandon myself into Your hands and trust in Your perfect goodness and Mercy.  I prostrate myself before Your Divine Majesty and surrender to Your loving care.  Jesus, I am totally Yours.  Jesus, I trust in You.

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Featured image above: Saint Francis of Assisi in Ecstasy By Caravaggio, via Wikimedia Commons