Reflection 19: The Lord Accepts You in His Mercy


If you have truly sought out our Divine Lord, then ask Him if He will accept you into His Heart and into His holy Will.  Ask Him and listen to Him.  If you have surrendered all and offered yourself to Him, He will respond to you telling you that He accepts you.  Once you are given to Jesus and accepted by Him, your life will change.  Perhaps not in the way you expect it to change, but it will change for the good in a way beyond what you could have hoped for or expected (See Diary #14).

Reflect upon three things today: 1) Do you seek Jesus wholeheartedly?  2) Have you asked Jesus to accept your life without reserve by your total surrender?  3) Have you allowed yourself to hear Jesus say to you that He loves and accepts you?  Follow these simple steps and let the Lord of Mercy take control of your life.

Lord, I do seek You with my whole heart.  Help me to find You and to discover Your most holy Will.  As I find You Lord, help me also to let You draw me to Your merciful Heart so that I may be totally Yours.  Jesus, I trust in You.

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Featured image above: Stained glass window of the sacred Heart of Jesus Christ in the former Mosque (Cathedral) of Cordoba, Spain, via Wikimedia Commons