Reflection 23: When God Seems Silent


At times, when we seek to know our merciful Lord all the more, He will appear to be silent.  Perhaps sin has gotten in the way or perhaps you have allowed your own idea of God to cloud His true voice and His true presence.  At other times, Jesus hides His presence and remains hidden for a reason.  He does so as a way of drawing us deeper.  Do not worry if God seems silent for this reason.  It’s always part of the journey (See Diary #18).

Reflect, today, upon how present God seems to be.  Perhaps He’s abundantly present, perhaps He seems distant.  Now set that aside and realize the fact that God is always intimately present to you whether it feels like it or not.  Trust Him and know that He is always with you regardless of how you feel.  If He seems distant, first examine your conscience, admit any sin that may be in the way, and then make an act of love and trust in the midst of whatever you may be going through.

Lord, I trust in You because I believe in You and in Your infinite love for me.  I trust that You are always there and that You care for me in all moments of my life.  When I fail to sense Your divine presence in my life, help me to seek You and to trust You all the more.  Jesus, I trust in You.

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Featured image above: Saint Francis in the Desert By Giovanni Bellini, via Wikimedia Commons