Reflection 32: The Mercy of Forgiveness


Throughout life you will be hurt by the sins of others.  This is inevitable.  The real question to ponder is what you do with this hurt.  Will you hold onto it and brew over it?  Or will you forgive?  But forgiveness is not enough.  You must let the Divine Mercy so enter your soul that you not only forgive, but also allow this Mercy to fill your heart with compassion.  You must let God’s Mercy inspire you to love deeply.  You must come to pray for those who have hurt you and, in doing so, dispense the grace of God to them.  You are a dispenser of God’s Mercy when you allow forgiveness to flow from your heart to the hearts of those who have hurt you (See Diary #31).

Humbly ponder your calling to be a dispenser of the compassion of the Heart of Jesus to those who have sinned against you.  This is a high calling and requires deep surrender and love.  But it is the only way to freedom and is the only way God’s Mercy will fill your own soul.

Lord, I choose, this day, to forgive all who have wronged me.  Help that act of Mercy to flood my mind, heart, passions, feelings and every part of my soul.  May I be a dispenser of Your perfect and unlimited love for all.  Jesus, I trust in You.

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Featured image above: The Strike of the Lance ByJames Tissot, via Brooklyn Museum