Reflection 34: Satisfaction Only in God


So often in life we can fall into the trap of believing that we are satisfied by worldly and passing things.  We can even be fooled into thinking that our sins satisfy us.  And, in a strange way, they do offer a temporary satisfaction of sorts. But this “satisfaction” is shallow and deceptive.  When we come to the profound realization that nothing but God satisfies our souls, we will be blessed and we will be disposed to seek true satisfaction only in Him.  This comes about only through a deep recognition of His Mercy (See Diary #42).

Do you long to be satisfied by the Mercy of God?  Do you seek out His Mercy every day?  Reflect upon the desires within your heart.  What do you long for?  Let God’s grace free you from unhealthy and foolish attachments and desires this day so that your desire can be set on God and God alone.

Come to me, Lord, in Your abundant Mercy and free me from the desires of this passing world.  Help me to desire You above all things and, in that desire, to be overwhelmed by Your divine love.  Jesus, I trust in You.

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Featured image above: Christ and the Rich Young Ruler By Heinrich Hofmann, via Wikimedia Commons