Reflection 36: The Mercy of Spiritual Friendship


At times we experience life as difficult. Our spiritual life may appear to be dry or overwhelming. Our sins may seem to be too much to overcome. And our relationship with God may appear to be too difficult to foster. But these experiences are all graces that invite us to seek God and His Mercy all the more. One grace we receive, as we need it, is the friendship and guidance God gives us through other people. Look for Jesus in others. Let His Heart reach out to your own in the people He places in your life. God is there, not only in the saint, but also in the sinner. Seek to discover the presence of God in each and every soul (See Diary #53).

Reflect, today, upon the people God has placed in your life. Begin with family but think also about each and every person whom you encounter. Some may be encountered only once, others every day. Know that God dwells in each and every one of them. Do you seek to meet God in each person? Try to look beyond the surface and discover the indwelling of God in them. When you see Him, you will find much more joy in each and every person you meet.

Lord, You promise to come to each one of us and to live within us. Help me to constantly seek Your divine presence in each and every person I meet. Help me to find You in my family and friends, in those at work or within the community. Help me to see You in the stranger I meet in passing and in every soul around me. As I discover You, help me to love You in them.  Jesus, I trust in You.

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Featured image above: Visitation By Jacopo Tintoretto, via Wikimedia Commons