Reflection 39: Loss of Spiritual Consolation


It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that, because we follow Jesus, we should be continually consoled and comforted in all we do.  Is that true? Yes and no. In one sense, our consolation will be continual if we always fulfill the Will of God and know we are fulfilling it. However, there are times when God removes all spiritual consolation from our soul out of love. We may feel like God is distant and experience confusion or even sadness and despair. But these moments are moments of the greatest Mercy imaginable. When God seems far away, we should always examine our conscience to make sure it is not a result of sin. Once our conscience is clear, we should rejoice in the sensory loss of God’s presence and the loss of spiritual consolations. Why? Because this is an act of God’s Mercy in that He is inviting us to obedience and charity despite how we feel. We are given the opportunity to love and serve even though we sense no immediate consolation. This makes our love grow stronger and unites us more firmly to the pure Mercy of God (See Diary #68).

Reflect upon the temptation to turn from God the moment you feel down or distressed. See these moments as gifts and opportunities to love when you do not feel like loving. These are opportunities to be transformed by Mercy into the purest form of Mercy.

Lord, I choose to love You and all whom You put in my life regardless of the way I feel. If love of others brings me great consolation, I thank You. If love of others is difficult, dry and painful, I thank You. Lord, purify my love into a more authentic form of Your Divine Mercy. Jesus, I trust in You.

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