Reflection 40: Entering the Heart of Our Lord


A speck of dust or a grain of sand are somewhat insignificant in most circumstances.  No one notices one speck or one grain in the yard or even on the floor of a home.  But if either were to enter the eye, this grain or speck becomes immediately noticeable.  Why?  Because of the sensitivity of the eye.  So it is with the Heart of our Lord.  He notices the smallest of our sins.  Often times we fail to see even our most grievous sins, but our Lord sees all things.  If we wish to enter into His Heart of Divine Mercy, we must allow the rays of His Mercy to shine on the smallest speck of sin in our souls.  He will do so gently and lovingly, but He will help us to see and experience the effects of our sin, even the smallest ones, if we let His Mercy in (See Diary #71).

Look into your soul today and ask yourself how aware you are of the smallest sin.  Do you let His Mercy shine within, illuminating all that is there?  It will be a joyful discovery when You let Jesus reveal to you what He sees so clearly.

Lord, I pray that Your Divine Mercy so fills my soul that I see all that is within me as You see it.  Thank You for Your gentle and compassionate Heart and for being attentive to the smallest detail of my life.  Thank You for being attentive to even the smallest of sins that I need to overcome.  Jesus, I trust in You.

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Featured image above: Mary-Magdalene in meditation By Massimo Stanzione, via Wikimedia Commons