Reflection 42: Unjust Treatment Offered as Atonement


There are many times in life when we are treated unjustly.  As a result, our first instinct is to fight back, defend ourselves and see to it that justice is done.  But is that what Jesus did?  No, He remained silent and accepted all injustice as a sacrifice for the atonement for our sins.  He was the Just One who took upon Himself all injustice.  In doing so, He did two things.  First, He appeased the justice of the Father as He offered this injustice for the atonement of sin.  This is the central and deepest mystery of our faith.  Second, He invites us to follow His example.  In doing so, we are invited to accept unjust treatment and meet it with Mercy and forgiveness.  This requires great inner strength and love.  But if we are able to unite our own unjust suffering to that of Christ’s, we will win more souls for God than if we fought back winning a temporary satisfaction of earthly justice (See Diary #81).

How have you been treated with cruelty and injustice?  Reflect upon that which has been most painful to you and know that this suffering is an opportunity for you to atone for the sins of the world.  You are enabled, by uniting your hurt to the suffering of Christ, to win many souls for God.  This is the mystery of our redemption.  It’s a mystery we are invited to enter into, live and offer to God as a sacrifice of love.  Take a step in this direction, today, and watch the hurt you have dissolve into Mercy.

Lord, I offer You, this day, my hurt, pain and all suffering.  I especially offer You the injustices I have faced in life.  May You remove all bitterness from my heart and replace it with Your Divine Mercy.  Jesus, I trust in You.

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Featured image above: Christ presented to the people By Quentin Matsys, via Wikimedia Commons