Reflection 44: The Lord’s Gaze Casts Out Fear


Do you know that our Lord gazes upon you, night and day, with perfect love and affection.  Do you know that He knows every detail of your life and walks with you through everything?  This may be hard to believe because we cannot hear Him audibly, see Him with our eyes, or touch Him with our hands.  But His intimacy is much deeper than the physical world.  His intimacy is one that looks into our soul and loves us.  His gaze of love, if we let it, will cast out all fear in life (See Diary #90).

What is it that you fear the most?  What is it that causes you the greatest anxiety?  Today, try to identify the cause of your fear.  And when you do, know that our Merciful Lord has already seen it all.  He is aware of your situation and looks at you with love.  The key is to look back at Jesus, to seek His face within your own soul, and to gaze back at Him with love.  There, by looking intently upon our Lord, you will find the courage you need to let go of all that weighs you down and you will allow His grace to lift you on high.  

Lord, help me to turn my eyes from all my fears.  Help me, instead, to seek out Your loving gaze and to allow that gaze of love to cast out all that is not of You.  Lord, if I could only see Your face, radiant and beautiful, living in my soul, I would be consoled and comforted in all things.  Jesus, I trust in You.

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