Reflection 49: Being Misunderstood


We are called to be saints.  And if we walk down that road, we will be called to live heroic virtue.  Heroic virtue will not always be understood by others.  In fact, in the opinion of worldly wisdom, heroic and holy virtue is foolishness.  But we must not allow the opinions of worldly “wisdom” to confuse us, tempt us or distract us from the road of true virtue (See Diary #126).

Are you misunderstood, at times, because you are striving to live a holy life?  Do others give you this or that bit of advice which seems to be in contradiction to the voice of God in your own conscience?  Reflect upon the road of virtue God is calling you down.  The world does not understand the road of virtue, Mercy and forgiveness that we are called to embrace.  The world does not understand that we must accept injustice at times in silence and trust.  The world does not understand the joy we have when we suffer for the sake of Christ.  Keep your eyes on the voice of God as He speaks to you in your conscience and do not let the opinions of others or the world lead you astray.

Lord, help me to walk the road of heroic virtue.  At times, this road will leave me misunderstood.  And, at times, others will tempt me to turn away from Your divine voice.  Help me, at all times, dear Lord, to hear only You and to be obedient only to Your most holy Will.  Give me wisdom, strength and courage to always follow Your divine ways of Mercy.  Jesus, I trust in You.

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