Reflection 51: Pure Love


Do you love with a pure love?  What does this form of love look like?  Pure love is one that flows directly from the Heart of Christ to and through your life.  This holy love has beautiful characteristics.  First, it is plentiful.  When we love with the Heart of Christ we love in abundance.  There is no limit to how much love we can share.  It’s like the brightness of the sun at noon casting rays on all below.  Second, it’s ingenious, doing what is pleasing to God.  It is not cautious or calculated.  It does not hesitate or evaluate.  Rather, the wisdom of love is immediate and knows in each moment how to radiate God’s love.  And third, it is happy.  Even when love calls one to heroic sacrifice there is great delight in this total self-giving (See Diary #140).

Reflect, today, upon how fully you love with a pure and generous heart.  Do you give of yourself in abundance?  Is it a delight to serve without counting the cost?  Do you easily find ways to show Mercy to others and delight in doing so?  Ponder these questions today and pray that the Lord shines through all you do.

Lord, please purify my heart and make it holy.  Let my heart be joined to Yours so that I may radiate all that You are.  Shine through me in abundance and guide me in a pure love.  Jesus, I trust in You.

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