Reflection 62: The Small Sacrifices of Life


Do small sacrifices matter?  Sometimes we can think that we should try to do great things.  Some may have ideas of grandeur and dream of accomplishing some great feats.  But what about the small, monotonous, daily sacrifices we make?  Sacrifices such as cleaning, cooking, helping another, forgiving, etc.?  Do the small things matter?  Most certainly.  They are a treasure we give to God like none other.  Small daily sacrifices are like a field in the open valley, filled as far as the eye can see with beautiful wild flowers.  One flower is lovely, but when we commit ourselves to these small acts of love all day, every day, we present to God a flowing field of endless beauty and magnificence (See Diary #208).

Reflect upon the small things today.  What is it that you do each day that tires you and seems boring or unimportant. Know that these acts, perhaps more than any other, present you with a glorious opportunity to honor and glorify God in a magnificent way.

Lord, I offer You my day.  I offer You all that I do and all that I am.  I especially offer You the small things I do every day.  May each action become a gift to You, offering You honor and glory throughout my day.  Jesus, I trust in You.

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