Reflection 63: How do You Speak to Others?


When speaking to others, the love and Mercy of God must flow from our lips.  But how?  What should our speech look like?  One way to examine our speech to others is to look at it in the light of how we should speak to God.  When speaking to God we should speak with honesty, simplicity, humility and confidence.  Think of a sincere child praying to God.  This pure soul exudes these qualities well.  So should we.  And if we speak to God with these qualities, they will also be a good guide in our speech to others (See Diary #215).

Reflect upon the people and conversations that you have.  Do you speak from pride or sarcasm?  Do you struggle with gossip or carelessness?  Think about what your speech would look like if it were honest, simple, humble and confident in God’s grace.  Joy will be present in each conversation guided by these virtues.

Lord, help me to speak with a merciful and kind heart.   Help me to guard my tongue against malice and harshness.  Forgive me for my past indiscretions and help me to be a mouthpiece of Your generous and merciful heart to others.  Jesus, I trust in You.

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