Reflection 65: Jesus My Master


Are you comfortable calling Jesus your Master?  Some may prefer to call Him “friend” or “shepherd.”  And these titles are true.  But what about Master?  Ideally, we will all come to give ourselves to our Lord as the Master of our lives.  We must not only become servants, we must become slaves.  Slaves of Christ.  If that doesn’t sit well then ponder simply what sort of Master our Lord would be.  He would be a Master who directs us with perfect commands of love.  Since He is a God of perfect love, we should have no fear abandoning ourselves into His hands in this holy and submissive way (See Diary #228).

Reflect, today, upon the joy of being totally given over to Christ and being completely under His direction.  Ponder every word you say and every action you do being lived in obedience to His perfect plan.  We should not only be completely free from any fear of such a Master, we should run to Him and seek to live in perfect obedience.

Lord, You are the Master of my life.  I submit my life to You in a holy slavery of love.  In this holy slavery, I thank You for setting me free to live and love as You desire.  I thank You for commanding me in accord with Your most perfect Will.  Jesus, I trust in You.

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