Reflection 66: Justice Through Mercy


Some people, day in and day out, experience the harshness and cruelty of another.  This is quite painful.  As a result, there can be a strong desire for justice so that the person causing pain be held accountable.  But the real question is this: What is the Lord calling me to do?  How shall I react?  Shall I be an instrument of God’s wrath and justice?  Or shall I be an instrument of Mercy?  The answer is both.  The key is understanding that God’s justice, in this life, is implemented through His Mercy and through the Mercy we show to those who offend us.  For now, accepting the darts of another in virtue is the way to God’s justice.  We grow in patience and strength of character as we live in this virtuous way.  In the end, at the end of time, God will right every wrong and all will come to light.  But, for now, our mission is to bring the justice of God by offering His unlimited and continual Mercy (See Diary #236).

Reflect upon any hurt you may have received from another.  Reflect upon any words or actions that have stung you to the heart.  Try to accept them in silence and surrender.  Try to unite them to the sufferings of Christ and know that this act of humility and patience on your part will bring forth God’s justice in His time and in His way.

Lord, help me to forgive.  Help me to offer Mercy in the face of every wrong I encounter.  May the Mercy You place in my heart be the source of Your own divine justice.  I entrust to You all that I cannot comprehend in this life and know that, in the end, You will make all things new in Your light.  Jesus, I trust in You.

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