Reflection 69: Struggles Tempt Us to Doubt


We all encounter struggles in life.  The question is: “What do you do with them?”  Too often, when struggles come our way we are tempted to doubt the presence of God and to doubt His merciful help.  In fact, the opposite is true.  God is the answer to every struggle.  He alone is the source of all we need in life.  He is the One who can bring peace and serenity to our soul in the midst of any and every challenge or crisis we may face (See Diary #247).

How do you deal with struggles, especially ones that turn into crises?  How do you deal with daily stress and anxiety, problems and challenges, worries and failings?  How do you deal with your own sins and even the sins of others?  These, and many other aspects of our lives, can tempt us to turn from total trust in God and lead us to fall into doubt.  Reflect upon how well you handle daily struggles and adversity.  Do you remain confident each and every day that our Merciful Lord is there for you as the source of peace and serenity in the midst of a turbulent ocean?  Make an act of trust in Him this day and watch as He brings calm to any storm.

Lord, You and You alone can bring peace to my soul.  When I am tempted by the difficulties of this day, help me to turn to You in perfect trust placing all my cares on You.  Help me to never turn from you in my despair but to know with certainty that You are always there and are the One to whom I must turn.  I trust You, my Lord, I trust You.  Jesus, I do trust in You.

Meditation for the Fourth Sunday in Lent:
40 Days in the Desert

Novena to Saint Joseph. Prayed from March 10-18.

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