Reflection 75: Encountering Christ in Others


The Blessed Sacrament is truly sacred.  It is revered and treated with the greatest respect.  We would never throw our Lord away or discard Him on the floor or in some irreverent place.  And yet we often fail to treat others with the same respect we show Jesus present in the Sacred Host (See Diary #285). 

Do you realize that each person is a tabernacle?  Each person is an image of God and is precious and sacred beyond imagination.  We must see all people this way and we must seek to treat them with the greatest reverence and respect.  In doing so, we honor our Divine Lord more than we could ever know.  Reflect upon how you treat others this day.  Reflect upon whether or not you treat them with the same love and respect you would show our Lord in the Sacred Host.  Ask Jesus to help you to see His divine presence in everyone you meet.

Lord, may I love You always in all people.  May I see You in every soul and honor Your divine presence within them.  You, oh Lord, are alive in the heart of every creature.  I love You and desire to love You more as I encounter Your divine presence in everyone I meet.  Jesus, I trust in You.

Day Twenty-Eight Meditations:
40 Days in the Desert & 40 Days at the Cross

Novena to Saint Joseph. Prayed from March 10-18.

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