Reflection 77: The Lord Knows All Things


It is most certain that our Divine Lord knows all things.  He is aware of every thought we have and every need we carry far more than we will ever realize.  At times, as we come to realize His perfect knowledge, we may expect Him to answer all our needs even if we do not acknowledge them.  But our Lord often wants us to ask.  He sees great value in us discerning our needs and offering them to Him in confidence and prayer.  Even if we do not know what is best, we must still bring our questions and concerns to Him.  This is an act of trust in His perfect Mercy (See Diary #295).

Are you aware of your own needs?  Can you articulate the challenges you face in life?  Do you know what you should pray for and what to offer our Lord as your daily sacrifice?  Reflect upon that which Jesus wants you to entrust to Him this day.  What is it that He wants you to be aware of and present to Him for His Mercy.  Let Him show you your need so that you may present that need to Him.

Lord, I know that You know all things.  I know that You are perfect wisdom and love.  You see every detail of my life and love me despite my weakness and sin.  Help me to see my life as You see it and, in seeing my needs, help me to make a continual act of trust in Your Divine Mercy.  Jesus, I trust in You.

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40 Days in the Desert & 40 Days at the Cross

Novena to Saint Joseph. Prayed from March 10-18.

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