Reflection 78: Desire for Happiness


The most basic desire we have is for happiness.  Everything we do, in some way, is done so as to help us achieve this goal.  Even sin is committed with an erroneous sense that it will lead us to happiness.  But there is one source of human fulfillment and one source of authentic happiness.  That one source is God.  Seek our Divine Lord as the fulfillment of every human longing that you have (See Diary #305).

What is it that you seek in life?  What is it that you long for?  Is God the end of all your longings?  Do you believe that God and God alone suffices and fulfills all you desire?  Look at your goals, this day, and reflect upon whether or not God is the ultimate end of those goals.  If He is not, then the goals you seek will leave you dry and empty.  If He is, you are on the road to more than you could ever hope for.

Lord, please help me to make You and Your most holy Will my one and only desire in life.  Help me to sift through the many longings I have and to see Your Will as the one and only goal that I must seek.  May I find peace in Your Will and discover You at the end of every journey.  Jesus, I trust in You.

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