Reflection 80: At the Hour of Our Death


If you have prayed the “Hail Mary” prayer, then you have prayed for your last hour in this world: “Pray for us now and at the hour of our death.”  Death is frightening to many people, and the hour of our death is not usually something we want to think about.  But the “hour of our death” is a moment we should all look forward to with the utmost joy and anticipation.  And we will look forward to it only if we are at peace with God, within our soul.  If we have regularly confessed our sins and sought the presence of God throughout life, then our last hour will be one of great comfort and joy, even if it is mixed with suffering and pain (See Diary #321). 

Think about that hour.  If God were to give you the grace to prepare for that hour many months in advance, how would you prepare?  What would you do differently so as to be ready for your final passing?  Whatever comes to mind is most likely that which you should do today.  Do not wait until the time is near to prepare your heart for your passing from death to new life.  See that “hour” as an hour of the greatest grace.  Pray for it, anticipate it and be watchful for the abundance of Mercy God wishes to bestow upon you, one day, at the glorious conclusion of your earthly life.

Lord, help me to be rid of all fear of death.  Help me to continually remember that this world is but a preparation for the next.  Help me to keep my eyes on that moment and to always anticipate the abundance of Mercy You will bestow.  Mother Mary, pray for me.  Jesus, I trust in You.

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