Reflection 81: Power and Mercy


Imagine a dictator of a country who has absolute power and is also a very angry, malicious and vengeful man.  This is not someone you would want to upset.  Now imagine the opposite.  Imagine one who has absolute power and is also blessed with a heart of pure Mercy.  This is our God.  And in addition to our God having these qualities, He passes them on to His Mother.  She is Queen and exercises her queenship with great authority.  But it’s an authority that is expressed in perfect Mercy.  We should always trust in the power of God as it is made manifest through the mediation of our Mother of Mercy (See Diary #330).

Reflect upon that for which you are in need of Mercy.  It could be sin, or it could be a heavy cross that seems too much to carry.  It could be the need to forgive and to exercise charity toward a person who has wounded you.  Whatever it is, turn to our Blessed Mother, the Mother of Mercy, and entrust your need to her glorious heart.  With the authority entrusted to her by God, an abundance of grace will be given to you in your need.

Dearest Mother, Mother Most-Powerful, you have been entrusted with the grace of Heaven.  As Queen, your Divine Son has given to you the glorious privilege of dispensing His Mercy.  I beg of you, dear Mother, to bestow that grace in abundance so that we, your children, may know the Mercy and goodness of God.  Mother Mary, pray for us. Jesus, I trust in You.

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