Reflection 86: Melting the Hardest of Hearts


Imagine a large block of ice.  Now imagine that there is a precious coin in the middle of that block.  In order to obtain that coin, the block must melt away.  So it can be with our hearts.  Some hearts have become so hardened over time that there seems little chance of melting them away so as to bring forth the true value and dignity of that person.  But Jesus is a radiant Sun whose rays shine forth with great intensity.  Within His continual presence, even the hardest hearts will melt away (See Diary #370).

Do you know someone whom you have “written off” because of their continual hardness of heart?  Do you know someone who appears to be unwilling to change, year after year?  Do not lose hope.  Know that if you continually act as a prism through which the grace and Mercy of God shines, even the hardest heart can be touched.

Lord, I pray, today, for those who are most hardened in their sins.  You know the hearts of all and You know the minds of all.  Please lead me to those in most need of Your Divine Mercy and use me as a channel of Your glorious and warming grace.  Jesus, I trust in You.

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