Reflection 93: The Meeting of Love and Sin


Where do love and sin meet?  They meet in the persecution, ridicule and malice inflicted upon our Lord.  He was the Incarnation of perfect love.  The Mercy in His Heart was infinite.  His care and concern for all people was beyond imagination.  And yet the soldiers mocked Him, laughed at Him and tortured Him for entertainment and fun.  He, in turn, loved them with a perfect love.  This is a true meeting of love and sin (See Diary #408).

Have you encountered the sins of others?  Have you been treated with spite, harshness and malice?  If so, there is an important question to ponder.  What was your response?  Did you return insult for insult and injury for injury?  Or did you allow yourself to be like our Divine Lord and face sin with love?  Returning love for malice is one of the most profound ways we imitate the Savior of the World.

Lord, when I am persecuted and treated with sin, I find myself hurt and angry.  Free me from these tendencies so that I may imitate Your perfect love.  Help me to face all sin I encounter with the love overflowing from Your Divine Heart.  Help me to forgive and so be Your presence to those who are guilty of much sin.  Jesus, I trust in You.

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