Reflection 96: The Great Plan God Has For You


We can all, at times, have dreams of grandeur.  What if I were rich and famous?  What if I had great power in this world?  What if I were the Pope or the President?  But what we can be certain of is that God does have great things in mind for us.  He calls us to a greatness we could never imagine.  One problem that often arises is that, when we begin to sense what God wants of us, we run away and hide.  God’s Divine Will often calls us out of our comfort zone and requires great trust of Him and abandonment to His Holy Will (See Diary #429).

Are you open to what God wants of you?  Are you willing to do whatever He asks?  Often times we wait for Him to ask, then think about His request, and then become filled with fear over that request.  But the key to fulfilling the Will of God is to say “Yes” to Him even before He asks anything of us.  Surrendering to God, in a perpetual state of obedience, will free us from the fear we can be tempted with when overanalyzing the details of His glorious Will.

Dear Lord, I say “Yes” to You this day.  Whatever You ask of me, I will do.  Wherever You lead me, I will go.  Give me the grace of complete abandonment to You no matter what You ask.  I offer myself to You so that the glorious purpose of my life may be fulfilled.  Jesus, I trust in You.

Day Nine: Novena in preparation for Divine Mercy Sunday

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