Reflection 100: The Desire for Good


God smiles upon us and lavishes rewards upon us for the love we offer to Him and to others.  Our works of love, when inspired by His grace, are transformed into treasures in Heaven.  But that’s not all that is transformed into treasures.  Even our desire to do good and to serve God is transformed.  God sees all things, even our smallest sincere desires, and transforms all into grace (See Diary #450).

What do you desire in life?  What do you long for?  Do you find that your desires are attached to sinful acts?  Or do you find that your desires and longings are for the good things of Heaven and the works of God?  Seek to transform even your desires and you will be richly blessed!

Lord, I offer you my heart and every desire within it.  Help me to long for You and for Your holy Will to be fulfilled in this world.  May I desire what You desire and long for an abundance of Mercy in our world.  Jesus, I trust in You.

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Featured image above: Ecstasy of Saint Teresa By Gerard Seghers, via Wikimedia Commons