Reflection 109: The Arms of God


When a child is frightened or gets hurt, the natural place of comfort is the arms of a parent.  This is the first thing a crying child looks for.  So it must be with us.  The arms of our Father in Heaven, and Jesus our Savior, are what we must run to in our need.  We should not hesitate to turn to God in all things, especially when tempted to despair, or when we recognize our weakness and sin (See Diary #505).

When burdens weigh you down, or when you get angry or are tempted to despair, where do you turn?  Some turn to sinful fleshly comforts, others to harsh words, and others run to God.  Run to God in every moment!  Ideally, we run to Him when life is good and when we are filled with great joy and consolation.  But God also wants us to run to Him, immediately, when life is hard.  Make the arms of God the first thing you think about when you find yourself in need.

Lord, I do run to You.  I pray that I will daily build a habit of running to You in all things.  I pray that I will turn to You with my every need.  I cling to You, Divine Lord, and seek to rely upon You always.  Jesus, I trust in You.

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Featured image above: St Joseph carrying the Child Jesus on the left arm By Peter van Lint, via Wikimedia Commons