Reflection 111: The Lies of the Evil One


The devil will tempt us in many ways.  One common way the devil likes to attack us is to remind us of our sins, including those we have confessed.  He loves to try to convince us that we are on the wrong path, that we are not pleasing to God, that we are liars and sinners.  And while it’s true that we are sinners, the evil one always fails to see our sin through the lens of God’s Mercy.  To overcome his deceptive temptations, while he reminds us of our sins, we need only to remind ourselves of the Mercy of the Heart of Jesus.  As we gaze upon His Heart, we will have no fear about admitting our sin.  This act of honesty will not produce anxiety, despair and doubt as the evil one desires.  Instead, facing our sin in the light of the Mercy of God, will refresh us and lift our spirits, filling them with an abundance of hope (See Diary #520).

Think about the ways that the evil one may tempt you to despair over your sins.  To mourn for your sins is a good and healthy act, but never in despair.  Christian mourning leads to the Mercy of God, and the contrition you feel in this holy act lifts your burden and fills you with joy.

Precious Lord, free me from the deceit and attacks of the evil one.  Keep me safe, oh God, and help me to never forget the abundance of Your Mercy.  As I see that Mercy, help me to daily repent of my sin so as to rob from the evil one all weapons of his malice.  Jesus, I trust in You.

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