Reflection 114: Detachment From the World


The “world” is referred to in Scripture many times, especially by Jesus Himself.  He said that the world will hate you and will not understand you.  The world will, in fact, persecute you.  This could become the cause of fear and distress for some.  It causes these effects within us when we are overly concerned about looking good in the eyes of the world and acting so as to win its esteem.  Do not fall into this trap.  The world will love you only if you become worldly, taking on its secular and sinful values.  Instead, keep your eyes fixed on Heaven.  Live as though you are in the world, but not of it.  Allow the Lord to shield you from worldly enticements so that you will live only in Him and for Him at all times (See Diary #537).

Seriously ask yourself, today, how much influence the opinions of the world have on you.  Do you find yourself dreaming of being well regarded and respected in the public eye?  If so, be very careful with this desire.  Sure, if you have given yourself completely to Christ and, as a result, many people speak well of you, this is good.  But it’s not all that common.  More often, when we commit ourselves to Christ and to His holy mission, we will find that we are misjudged, scorned and even persecuted.  It may be only in small ways, but don’t be surprised if it becomes more pronounced as you draw closer to the Will of God.  Do not worry about this.  Keep your eyes on Christ and be concerned only about His judgment of you.  His “opinion” is all that matters because His opinion is Truth.

Lord Jesus, You were not controlled by the opinions of others.  You did not allow the false values and pressures of the world to direct You.  Help me to keep my eyes on You and Your Will in all things.  Give me courage to be concerned only with pleasing You.  Jesus, I trust in You.

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