Reflection 118: An Obstinate Heart


One of the primary ways we stop the Mercy of God from entering into our lives is through obstinacy.  Specifically, when we obstinately hold onto our own opinion, as a result of our pride, and therefore fail to be open to the truth, we shut the door to grace.  This is a particularly dangerous sin because obstinacy, by its very definition, implies there is an unwillingness to repent and change.  The obstinate person remains, day after day, year after year, closed to the grace of God.  The only cure for an obstinate heart is humility before the Truth of God.  Coming to God, with a sincerely open heart, ready and willing to change our convictions the moment He speaks, is the first step to being rid of this sin.  Humble yourself by listening, setting aside your own firm opinion, being open and willing to change.  This may be difficult at first, but you will be truly grateful you did (See Diary #560).

What are you obstinate about?  Is there a long-standing thought you hold against another?  Is there something that you are convinced you are right on?  Make sure that God feels the same way.  Seek, today, to be open to change.  The first step is to ask the Lord to open your eyes to see. The second step is to let yourself see this tendency within your heart.

Lord, I know I am obstinate.  I see it within my soul.  I hold on to my will and refuse to listen to others out of pride.  Give me the grace of an open mind that I may shed my stubbornness.  Help me to humble myself before You and others and help me to be ready and willing to listen to Your Truth.  Jesus, I trust in You.

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