Reflection 120: Pure Love of God


The ultimate purpose of your life is love.  And, more specifically, it is first to love God with a pure love.  For love to be pure, it must be freed from all selfishness.  Pure love looks only at the one being loved.  When we love God with a pure love, we will find that we are drawn to God for His sake, because He is glorious and worthy of our love, and because loving Him is right and just.  When we can love in this way, selflessly and focused only on God’s greatness and beauty, then we will discover something else quite glorious.  We will discover that, as a result of our pure love of God, we are also filled with a joy so abundant and powerful that we need no other reward.  The joy that fills us as a result of loving God with a pure love, becomes so strong that it overflows into a profound and sincere love for others.  This is the greatest satisfaction in life.  We truly need nothing else to be happy beyond measure (See Diary #576).

Are you happy?  If not, what do you blame for your lack of happiness?  It’s easy to point and assign blame.  However, we must realize that happiness comes only as a result of our choice to love God with a pure heart of love.  Reflect upon whether this is something you are experiencing in your life.  Ponder the love and affection you have for God.  Think about how strong or how weak this love is.  And remind yourself that, if you love God purely and above all else, this love will order your life so perfectly that the joy you experience will satisfy you above any other earthly consolation.  If you want to be happy, seek to love God with a complete and pure heart.

Lord, I know my love for You is far from perfect.  Help me, this day, to turn my eyes and heart more fully to You so that my love of You may be purified, allowing me to love You above all things for Your own sake, because You do deserve my total love.  In my love of You, I thank You for the joy that this produces.  May that joy overflow so abundantly that I find perfect satisfaction and happiness in this love.  Jesus, I trust in You.

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