Reflection 123: The Blessing of Humiliations


Who, in their right mind, would want to be humiliated?  What would you do if you were humiliated?  Most people would be tempted to seek ways to avoid humiliation. Some would become deeply hurt as a result.  Others would become angry and defensive.  And though the source of one’s humiliation may not be fair, it’s important to understand that humiliations can become an invitation to the deepest depths of God’s grace and Mercy.  Humiliation has the potential to produce humility when embraced properly.  Though anger and hurt may also result, humility must be the goal.  What matters most is that we shed any pride, anger or hurt that we experience and allow ourselves to enter into the depths of humility.  This necessary quality will enable us to rely solely upon God, seek consolation and peace only from Him, and allow Him and His holy Will to be the one and only source of our joy in life.  Nothing could be better for the soul than the humility that comes from humiliations (See Diary #593).

What is it that humbles you the most?  What wounds your pride and causes you to be angry or defensive?  What do you stew over and think about obsessively?  If something comes to mind, then this may be something very specific that the Lord wishes to turn into a source of grace and Mercy.  Everything, be it sin, injustice, hurt, etc., has the potential to be turned into grace by our Lord.  He truly is that All-Powerful.  Identify that which wounds your pride the most and try to look at it from a new perspective, letting the Lord turn it into a source of grace.

Lord, my pride is wounded so many times.  There are so many experiences I have that do not sit well with me.  Help me to allow all those things that are out of my control to become transformed by You and Your grace so that they may no longer weigh me down, causing hurt and anger.  Take these humiliations, dear Lord, and transform my heart through them so that, in my humility, I may come to know You more intimately and surrender to You more fully.  Jesus, I trust in You.

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