Reflection 138: God’s Mercy is Infinite


Perhaps it’s no surprise to hear it said that the Mercy of God is infinite.  But “infinity” is quite a concept to grasp.  In fact, some would argue that it is impossible to grasp.  Delving into something that is infinite and has no bounds is beyond what we could ever fathom.  So it is with the Mercy of God.  Being infinite, we should realize that we will spend eternity, an infinite existence, seeking and receiving this Mercy that will never end.  Right now, on Earth, our experience of the infinite Mercy of God is quite limited.  It’s as if we can take in a thimble full while the endless oceans await (See Diary #687 & 692).

Do you ever spend time reflecting upon infinity?  Think of outer space, which never ends.  And how could it?  What would be at the other end of the end of space?  So it is with God’s Mercy.  How could it ever end?  How could it ever be exhausted?  His Mercy is as vast and wide as God is Himself.  Reflect upon the essence of God, and as you marvel at His infinite nature, allow yourself to be drawn into His unending gift of Love.  For when you can begin to grasp it, you will desire it.  And when you desire it, you will have begun your journey into infinity. 

Lord, Your love for me is beyond what I can ever imagine.  Help me to at least understand that I will never understand, fully, the depth of Your love.  Help me to see that Your Mercy is endless and help me to begin my journey into eternity with You.  Jesus, I trust in You.

Novena to the Holy Spirit
Prayed in preparation for Pentecost
Friday, May 10 – Saturday, May 18

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