Reflection 140: Being Misunderstood


In your relations with others, do you sometimes feel misunderstood?  It could be by a close family member, a friend, a coworker, etc.  The problem is that the content of your mind, heart, will, intention, and all of your past experiences are what go into directing your actions.  And no one understands all of this except God.  We do not even fully understand what we do and why we do it most of the time.  As a result, it is easy for others to fail to understand us and what takes place within us.  It can also be easy for others to misunderstand us and even judge us.  This can be hard to take but we must not let it bother us.  Instead, we must direct our concern only to that which our Lord thinks.  His Mind and His judgment are all that matters.  And the misunderstanding we may experience at times from others must be seen as an act of the permissive Will of our Lord, primarily to test and strengthen our Mercy for others (See Diary #700).

Can you think of a time in which you recently experienced the misunderstanding of another?  If so, rather than letting yourself become angry or hurt over this, allow it to test the depths of your own merciful heart.  Accept this humiliation with grace and give thanks to God that He has permitted you to share in the same act of misunderstanding and judgment that He took upon Himself.  In this, you are blessed to be invited to share in the distribution of His Divine Mercy.

Lord, give me a merciful heart.  When I am misunderstood, help me to accept this as an opportunity for grace, forgiveness and Mercy.  Thank You for loving me enough to allow me to endure such a test.  I give myself to You, dear Lord, so that You can work in and through me to be a witness of all that You endured.  Jesus, I trust in You.

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Featured image above: Jesús en casa de Anás by José de Madrazo y Agudo, via Wikimedia Commons